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Mapping Tools is a collection of tools for osu! mapping all combined into one application. It allows you to quickly make changes to your beatmap which would normally take hours to do by hand. It provides quality-of-life features such as backups and memory reading which are shared among all tools, so you always have quick and reliable tools.

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Get Started#

Get to know Mapping Tools quickly by following any of the Guides.

  1. Install and start Mapping Tools.

  2. Configure Mapping Tools

  3. Select your beatmap with File > Open (current) beatmap.

  4. Navigate to a tool with the navigation menu: Ctrl+K

  5. Configure and run the tool with the run button on the bottom left.

  6. Reload your beatmap without saving: Ctrl+L, Enter


Mapping Tools is built with freedom in mind, always maximizing the utility of simple tools.

  • Map Cleaner
    • Remove useless greenlines
    • Resnap greenlines, hitobjects, and bookmarks
    • Remove unused hitsound samples
  • Metadata Manager
    • Edit metadata of a whole mapset at once
    • Remove duplicate tags
  • Property Transformer
    • Offset or scale the timing of all timing points or hit objects
    • Transform the volume, index, or slider velocity of many greenlines at once
  • Slider Merger
    • Merge multiple sliders and circles into one big slider with the combined shape
  • Slider Completionator
    • Set the duration or length of sliders
    • Attain slider velocity above 4x
  • Timing Copier
    • Copy timing between beatmaps
    • Automatically resnap and scale objects to new timing
  • Timing Helper
    • Create complex timing more quickly
  • Hitsound Copier
    • Copy hitsounds between beatmaps
    • Copy storyboarded samples as substitutes for missing hitsounds
    • Copy hitsounds to slider ticks and slider slide sounds
    • Automatically mute sliderends
  • Hitsound Studio
  • Hitsound Preview Helper
    • Place hitsounds on objects based on their position
    • Easily create hitsound maps compatible with Hitsound Studio
  • Rhythm Guide
    • Extract rhythm from beatmaps to use as a guide while hitsounding
  • Geometry Dashboard
    • Overlay live geometry on your editor which you can use while mapping
  • Combo Colour Studio
    • Create colour hax the easy way
    • Copy colour hax between beatmaps
  • Sliderator
    • Change slider velocity mid-slider
    • Create accelerating or decelerating streams
  • Auto-fail Detector
    • Detect auto-fail in 2B style beatmaps
    • Automatically fix auto-fail
  • Pattern Gallery
    • Create and share collections of mapping patterns
    • Copy patterns between beatmaps
  • Mapset Merger
    • Merge multiple mapsets into one big mapset
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