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QuickRun is a great way to speed up the usage of Mapping Tools. It allows you to run tools by pressing a hotkey and automatically reload the editor, making the whole process of using a tool just one press of a button.

You can enable QuickRun in the Preferences.

QuickRun example imageQuickRun example image


To enable QuickRun, go to Preferences and assign a hotkey to the QuickRun hotkey field. Now when you press the hotkey, it will run the tool which is currently open in Mapping Tools.

Alt+M is a good hotkey to use since it doesn't interfere with the standard osu! editor hotkeys.

If you have the option Auto reload after QuickRun enabled, Mapping Tools will send a key-combination Ctrl+L, Enter to the osu! window to reload the editor after the tool has finished its work. This saves you having to reload manually.

It's good to remember that when QuickRunning a tool it always uses the beatmap currently open in the editor and not the current map selected in Mapping Tools.


By checking the box to the right of the QuickRun hotkey field, you enable SmartQuickRun. This is a feature that allows you to QuickRun different tools depending on how many objects you have selected in the editor.

There are three different distinctions SmartQuickRun can make:

  • None for when no hit objects are selected. N=0
  • Single for when exactly one hit object is selected. N=1
  • Multiple for when more than one hit objects are selected. N>1


QuickUndo is a hotkey that loads the most recent backup into the editor, effectively undoing the previous tool run. It also supports the auto reload feature, just like QuickRun. It's recommended to use QuickUndo alongside QuickRun.

Ctrl+Shift+Z is a good hotkey to use for QuickUndo.

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