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Mapping Tools by default opens to the Get Started Screen, which contains a changelog of the application, as well as a list of most recently used maps with Mapping Tools. This screen can also be reached via the navigation menu.

At the top of the screen is a blue bar which holds the navigation toggle button, menus, and display for the Current beatmap. This is the beatmap that will be worked on by most of the mapping tools.

The navigation toggle button opens a menu on the left which you use to navigate to all pages in Mapping Tools. There is a search bar in which you can type the name of the page and you can press Enter to navigate to the top result. At all times, you can use Ctrl+K to open the navigation menu.


The File menu contains buttons for selecting, loading, and saving your beatmap files.

  • Open beatmap opens a file explorer to select one or more beatmap to set as the current beatmap.
  • Open current beatmap sets the current beatmap to the beatmap currently selected in the osu! client.
  • Generate backup creates a backup of the current beatmap.
  • Load backup opens a file explorer to select a backup beatmap to load into the current beatmap.
  • BetterSave™ current beatmap saves the beatmap currently open in osu! editor with coordinate rounding rather than truncating.


The About menu provides additional information pertaining to Mapping Tools.

  • Open backups folder opens the folder containing all backups generated by Mapping Tools.
  • Open Mapping Tools folder opens the folder containing all files generated by Mapping Tools such as settings, backups, and exports.


The Project menu is only visible while viewing the screen of one of the mapping tools. It contains buttons for saving and loading tool-specific settings.

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